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Named after Chiang Rai, a region in the North of Thailand, Thai Chiang Rai has consistently offered authentic and sometimes unique dishes that have impressed enough to see it win awards for Thai cooking in the ACT on a number of occasions. Whilst many lovers of this cuisine are drawn by the usual, and very well executed, array of stir fries such as the ever popular "pad Thai", those in the know come seeking owner and chef Noy Phachanthavong's list of house specials. Typical of his repetoire is the "duck paa lo", a traditional and popular slow cooked dish that incorporates fruit as a foil to gamey duck, made special by the use of dried figs, cooked in the herbs and spices and served with steamed asparagus; or scallops stir fried with basil, mild chilli, onion, shallots and snowpeas and topped with macadamia nuts. Other specialties may include chicken fillets grilled and served with a Thai paw-paw salad accompanied by sticky rice; or cryspy roasted chicken with cucumber, chilli, garlic, coriander and soy sauce. Salads such as "larb" are executed well, and a good range of vegetarian dishes are given their own section in the menu. The interior is surprisingly warm and cosy for such a large space. Ceilings are high and the interior details are painted in blue and yellow with bold touch of red, and walls are adorned with the occasional authentic item, such as a gorgeous handmade golden tapestry.